A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


BitMaze is a maze game using only a 1x1 pixel (upscaled) screen display. This game is for the Bit jam hosted by Daniel Linssen

How to play

When you start the game you are in a maze. The maze have a size of 4x4. White screen indicate a free space in front of you and A black screen, a wall.

When the screen flashes, you have found the exit. When he finish, you are in a new maze !

Use left or right to turn in the maze. (Direction : North, South, East, West) Use up to move forward.

Tips and tricks

Use a pencil and paper to draw the maze. This will help you to find the exit.

Source code

You can check the source code: http://github.com/julianmaster/BitMaze


BitMaze.jar 7 kB

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